We set up, manage and maintain rehab programs from our facility and in various settings including, assisted living, nursing or retirement homes.
Matawan Physical Therapy Bldg.

icon 205 Main Street
Matawan, New Jersey 07747

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Physical Therapy Center Bldg.

icon 431 Amboy Avenue
Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861

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Matawan Physical Therapy Bldg.

Physical Therapy Center Bldg.

Our outpatient facility is equipped with up-to-date, and state of the art gear that allows our therapists to provide quality services to clients.

  • Direct current applicators for lonthophresis
  • Electrical Stimulators providing High Volt current, Low Volt tens
  • Various size and shape head massages
  • Paraffin wax baths
  • Hydrocolator-most heat packs, cold packs
  • Fluido therapy – Dry whirlpool
  • Whirlpools various sizes for different part of the body
  • Contrast baths
  • Anatomotor and traction Unit systems
  • Topical analgesic lotions
  • Jobst compression units

Various therapeutic exercise equipment includes:

  • Biodex Gait Trainer Treadmill
  • Biodex Balance System SD
  • Biodex – Unweighing System
  • Electrical treadmill
  • Bicycle ergometer
  • Upper body ergometer
  • Stepper machine
  • Multi gym equipment: for different body parts (Hoist Unit)
  • Ankle/wrist weights
  • Barbells-various sizes
  • Balance training equipment (wobble boards)
  • Ankle and feet exercises
  • Hand exercises-various
  • Therapeutic balls-various weights and sizes
  • Sphygmomanometers
  • Pulley system/and assistive devices
  • Heart rate and blood pressure monitors
  • Mirror for postural correction
  • Stethoscopes
  • Thermometers
  • Splinting bath
  • ADL training equipments
  • Laser Units